TOYZY felting kits allow anybody, adult or child, make the first steps in this incredible art or increase their mastership level!
1(в самом начале описания)The Opt-Product Ltd. Company (TOYZY and mySweeBe) has been producing crafts kits – “Felting”, “Knitting”, “Wool Painting” series since 2014. Currently the collection includes 65 different kits.
Our mission is to help everybody to discover the creative force within them.
To provide comprehensive help in mastering different crafts techniques and maybe get a new hobby.


Unique design
Unique author’s design of toys that you can make yourself. All rights for the designs and the kits are reserved.
High quality and complete contents.
Every kit includes all the necessary tools and materials, so the customer doesn’t need to buy any missing supplies. Quality colour printed detailed step-by-step instructions are created for every kit.


Presentable premium packaging
2We pay special attention to our packaging – it is bright and recognizable, so you don’t need to worry about having to wrap the kit with some additional present paper. Sturdy cardboard box with a colour print keeps the kit safe inside and good-looking outside.
For additional protection, the packaging is laminated with shrink wrap.


Maximum kit completion and colour printed step-by-step instruction booklet
Another unique feature of our kits is that they are complete and the customers don’t need to buy anything extra. The kits include wool of different colours, knitting needles, holofiber for stuffing, thread for sewing the details together, beads for eyes, and, if necessary, wire, satin ribbon, chalk. If you want to knit a cute toy, you can buy a TOYZY kit and immediately start making your soft little one. The instructions are arranged as a small book, which is very convenient, since you don’t need to rotate the scheme or try to find your way among individual printed sheets. The instruction bookis colour printed in a printing office, on coated paper.



Price formation
Our goal is to provide our customers with original design ideas with quality materials for an affordable price. To be more precise, currently we are the only company who uses Latvian carded wool instead of tops for needle felting. This is friendlier to beginners, as it makes the process of getting acquainted with needle felting and learning to work with the needle much easier. It also allows you to create your cute character faster and enjoy the result sooner. The retail prices for knitting kits vary from about €5.5 to €15. The price depends on the difficulty level: the higher is the difficulty, the more supplies the kit includes, and thus, the higher is the price. For example, level 1-2 kits can cost from €5.5 in retail stores, while the price for a 3rd, 4th or 5th level kit would be between €10 and €15.


Information for partners
Every partner discovering our products for the first time gets a few sample kits, as well as the originals of the paintings and toys. We can also arrange offsite training for the client’s staff, our masters can give a workshop on a certain technique, and our assistants will be glad to show you our entire project range. Information on newly launched products is sent by mail and, if the client is interested, samples are sent immediately.


Marketing and promotion
The most active way of promoting TOYZY kits is taking part in various fairs: area (Craft Formula, Creativeworld), seasonal/holiday fairs in Moscow. We also publish in our partner’s catalogs (EKSMO editorial house) and give workshops by invitation of our clients (Krasny Karandash art market). Crafts fans write about our kits in their blogs, our artisans also spread the word about our kits in social networks, including specialized handmade social networks. We also have our own pages in social networks, where we announce our new sets and other products and publish relevant news.